• Welcome to the endless world of Longopac

    Longopac® bagging system is developed for proffessional users and optimal in their daily work.
    It is a more efficient and economical choice than regular waste bags with a combined handling of both waste and packaging.


  • Calculate your CO₂ Savings!

    With Paxxo’s calculator you can calculate your savings by converting to Longopac from a traditional waste bag.

    Click on the image to get to the calculator

  • How to load!

    How to load a Longopac cassette

  • How to change!

    How to change a Longopac cassette

  • Dart Drop test ASTM D-1709

    Der Dart Drop Test Longopac zeigt, dass das Longopac höchsten Ansprüchen gerecht wird.

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  • Longopac by Paxxo

    Paxxo is a Swedish based packaging company started in 1980. The business concept is to manufacture the unique endless bag system Longopac. The Longopac system is today sold by certified partners in more than 45 countries.

    Paxxo AB >>

  • Efficient, Hygienic, Environmentally friendly

    The Longopac system enables smarter waste handling and innovative packaging solutions for a better working environment for professionals worldwide.
  • Longopac Features & Certifications

    The Longopac system is certified according to many different tests. The dart drop test ASTM D-1709, ISO 7765 shows that Longopac is living up to the high expectations. Longopac ENG >>